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[16 Sep 2009|10:48pm]

[ mood | creative ]

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Y: The Last Man - How will it end? [08 Oct 2006|06:26pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Brian K. Vaughan's phenomenal Y: The Last Man is supposed to end with issue #60, and since we don't have many issues left I've been wondering a lot about how it will end. I've been tradebacking the early volumes, so I checked out the Wikipedia entry to catch up on a few issues I've missed. While there, I stumbled over this reference to Hamlet's Yorick:

Yorick, the deceased court jester whose skull is exhumed by the gravedigger in Act 5, Scene 1, of Shakespeare's Hamlet. The sight of Yorick's skull evokes a monologue from Prince Hamlet on the vile effects of death. The contrast between Yorick as "a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy" and his grim remains is a variation on the theme of earthly vanity (cf Vanitas): death being unavoidable, the things of this life are inconsequential. Though this theme of Memento mori ('Remember you shall die') is common in 16th and 17th century painting (see especially Mary Magdalene), Hamlet meditating upon the skull of Yorick has become the most lasting embodiment of this idea.

Speculation for final issue - only mild spoilers from older issuesCollapse )

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[29 Sep 2006|08:44pm]

Hey there fellow comic book readers,
Anyone interested in an X-Men rpg, I've just started a new one...
We've got tons of characters open, so feel free to stop by

the name of the lj site is


read the rules, join up, and start playing!
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Galleries [17 Sep 2006|09:19am]

I have been loading up a gallery of images from my comic art collection and I'd like some feedback on what you see. To go there just go to my main LJ profile page and click pictures or follow the link below.

I don't have everything loaded in yet so it is a work in progress, but I'd like to know what you all think so far.

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[16 Sep 2006|09:15am]

to the marvel fans out there...
what are your thoughts on secondary mutations? Good, bad, neutral? Who has the best? Who has the worst? Why is beast a giant cat man? Thoughts, feelings, comments?
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Hi-Ho Silver! [15 Sep 2006|11:36pm]

Get yourselves a copy of Lone Ranger #1. I've got a feeling this is going to be something good. Issue one was pretty solid and a different opening take than I expected.

Dynamite are knocking out some interesting licensed books. I think Dark Horse may have some competition.
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sometimes it's like they write books just for me [13 Sep 2006|08:54am]

[ mood | chipper ]


With a never-before-seen mix of history, mythology and the supernatural, writer C.B. Cebulski and acclaimed Japanese illustrator Sana Takeda bring you DRAIN, an exciting new series about ninjas, vampires and one woman's centuries-spanning quest for vengeance.

Debuting in November from Image Comics, Drain follows the story of Chinatsu, a woman whose life is irrevocably changed when her and her ancient clan of Japanese assassins is ravaged by vampires. Rather than take her life, Chinatsu was turned and left as a witness to the fate of her clan in order to spread the legend of the vampires in Japan.

I'll be picking up #1 just for the cover.  Hopefully the story inside is just as good.
Ninjas, vampires and vengence!  Oh my!

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and on a related note [12 Sep 2006|09:45am]

[ mood | happy ]

The Loners, a spinoff from the superhero self help arc in Runaways.


CBC: It is still a superhero self-help group. Vaughn put them back in the costumes, and they were mentioned in Runaways and a few other books in the aftermath of the defeat of The Pride. However, what we're doing is putting them back in the superhero self-help group, and part of that has to do with some things that are happening in Civil War. When you open with issue #1, they're going to be back in the church basement, back in the support group, trying to deal with not getting into costume and not using their powers.

I think this could be really great if written in the same tone as Runaways.  I thought this group was a cool idea when introduced and thought it was strange it was just left to fizzle after the arc ended.h

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Runaways - not quite as dead as I thought [12 Sep 2006|09:20am]

[ mood | happy ]

Apparently Joss Whedon will be taking over from BKV as of issues 25.


But today it’s official. Whedon will indeed continue the series after the original creative team of Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona exit with issues #24, picking up immediately with issue #25 and joined by artist Michael Ryan (“Very cool, very grounded but with style. He's sent sketches of the kids and they made my heart go pit-a-pa,” said Whedon).

This is good news!

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Spring Cleaning Came Late this Year! [08 Sep 2006|06:47pm]

Groan! The holidays are coming (it is September, I have kids, so I must start thinking about this.) So in an effort to make some room, appease my wife and save a few quid (bucks for you state-siders) I had to bite the bullet today and reduce the FP subscription. Realized I'm spending waaayyyy too much on the funny books and, more to the point, I've concluded that a lot of what I've been reading is total rubbish anyway!

I'll let you decide what went for financial OR "It's rubbish!" reasons.

So...adios, goodbye, so long and farewell to:

Moon Knight
Civil War: Frontline
Civil War
Ms. Marvel
Secret Six
JSA: Classified
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters

Also nixed some pre-order for the upcoming Zombie and Son of Satan MAX series.

Shameless selling e-Bay plug here: Read more...Collapse )

Tomorrow though I am picking up a copy of Lone Ranger #1 a friend put aside for me. Love me the Lone Ranger!!
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Vaughn and Alphona to leave Runaways. [06 Sep 2006|10:09am]

[ mood | sad ]

full story at newsarama

I can say with a great deal of confidence that these next five issues are the pinnacle of the series, and Adrian and I decided that the best thing for the Runaways would be to hand them off to new creators on this high note, rather than risk overstaying our welcome until we ran ourselves--and the book--into the ground.

I love these characters more than you can possibly imagine, and I swear I wouldn't abandon them unless I knew for a fact that they were going to end up with the very best creative team possible. Marvel will be announcing that new team in about a week, and to say that you guys will be thrilled is probably an understatement.

this really sucks as Runaways is my fave title right now.  BKV and AA have created something really great.

i hope the new team will be equal to the task of continuing, but i have my doubts.

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Warhammer 40K - Boom! Studios [29 Aug 2006|10:18pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I loved playing Warhammer 40k when I was younger so this grabbed me.

The two images look really good.

in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.

Might pick up issue 1 just for the cover.

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New [27 Aug 2006|11:32am]

Name or alias: Lauren, Laur
Location: New York
Gender: Female

Fav Age: (Golden, Silver, Bronze or Modern) Modern, I suppose
Fav Company: (Dc etc) Vertigo
Fav Characters: V, John Constantine, Harvey Pekar, Spider Jerusalem, Nny, Lenore, The Invisible Man, all the Watchmen, Squee, Marv, Drean
Fav Title: V For Vendetta
Fav Miniseries: Is 'Sin City' a miniseries? Or just a series? Is this a subjective question?
Fav Graphic Novel or TBP: V For Vendetta [I have a problem. I KNOW]
Fav Writer: Alan moore, Neila Gaiman, Frank Miller, Garth Ennis, Harvey Pekar, R. Crumb, Jamie Delano, Warren Ellis, Jhonen Vasquez, Roman Dirge
Fav Artists: David Lloyd, John Ridgeway,
Any comic crushes?: V, John Constantine
Subscriptions: None [I buy them at the store]
Comics I own: (approx) 24
Most treasured comic: All of them
Anything else?: I'm just starting to collect, so if any can suggest any books based on what I already like, please let me know. I haven't read all of any of these writer's works, so tell me what I should read next! And add me, if you want. I need guidance in all that is comic and good.
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To Civil War or not to Civil War [26 Aug 2006|11:46pm]

[ mood | pessimistic ]

I get my books via a subscription with Forbidden Planet. There are three comic shops within reasonable distance of where I live, but two of them (part of a chain as it goes) never have any issues on the racks (??) and the staff are fairly clueless. The third, although being run by a very cool guy, are seriously expensive. Without that UK price on the cover, like the USA and Canadian ones that are there, you CAN pretty much charge what you want.

Anyway, I get my books the cheapest way, through FP Subs, which means I have to wait a few extra weeks on some issues as I only get one shipment a month (makes reading 52 fun as I get four issues at once, so for me, it is still a monthly.)

I was down for Civil War and the Frontline tie in. To begin with I was not sure if I am THAT crazy about it, but now with these delays, it means I'm going to get mine even later.

Just wondered how everyone else was taking it or if anyone was enjoying/hating it? I am seriously considering dropping it and waiting for the trade.

Anyone? Anyone?

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an attempt to make friends :) [24 Aug 2006|12:51pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

Okay, i've been on livejournal for a couple of weeks and i've decided it's about time i made some friends. So, thought i'd leave a comment on here. And i can't resist questions.
Name or alias: Asylum1, Snapper.
Location: Hull, England.
Gender: Male

Fav Age: Modern
Fav Company: DC at the moment, Icon, IDW
Fav Characters: Batman, Batmite, Superboy, Kabuki, Popbot
Fav Title: Popbot, 52, WormWood, Deadman, Lore
Fav Miniseries: Identity crisis/Infinite crisis are the only ones i bought all of...
Fav Graphic Novel or TBP: It's a bird... by Steven t.Seagle, Teddy Kristiansen
Fav Writer: Brad Meltzer
Fav Artists: Ashley Wood, Ben Templesmith, Eric Wright, Seth Fisher
Any comic crushes?: um...no...
Subscriptions: none
Comics I own: about 50 i guess. Including Marvel Previews...
Most treasured comic: It's a Bird...
Anything else?: anyone who loves Ashley Wood, add me.

and thats about it. haha

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Hi [24 Aug 2006|12:52pm]

I posted this in the "worst comic" thread...but I probably shouldhave posted it here. So apologies for the double posting, I'm usually much better at this sort of thing than this.

Saw this community, hope it's OK to swing by...

...Here's my Q&A by the way, apologies for the lengthy answers just too much to contain there:

Name or alias: Sandbagger
Location: Just moved to the Southwest of England from the states
Gender: Male

Fav Age: (Golden, Silver, Bronze or Modern)Bronze to Modern
Fav Company: (Dc etc) These days...has to be DC
Fav Characters: Green Arrow, Batman and the Question
Fav Title: Historically - A toss up between Denny O'Neil's run on the Question and DeMatties' Marvel Team-Up/ Currently - Captain America
Fav Miniseries: Historically - Batman: The Long Halloween / Currently - 52
Fav Graphic Novel or TBP: Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters
Fav Writers: J.M. DeMatties and Greg Rucka
Fav Artists: Adam Hughes and Mike Grell
Any comic crushes?: If you mean super-chicks I was sweet on as a kid...then Spider-woman, Dazzler and Misty Knight. Hey, it was the early 80's y'know!
Subscriptions: Captain America, Daredevil, Uncanny X-Men, New Avengers, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Batman, Detective Comics, 52, Wonder Woman, Shadowpact and Aquaman. I also get Fables and 100 Bullets in the trades.
Comics I own: (approx) 4 small boxes worth
Most treasured comic: The Killing Joke signed by Moore and Bolland. Got it on its first release at Gosh Comics in London. Got to watch Moore & Bolland get nasty with people who didn't want their books personalized.
Anything else?: I collect original comic art and sketches, love conventions and am friends with a few good folk in the biz.
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The Boys [21 Aug 2006|09:42am]

[ mood | tired ]

Garth Ennis is back, with Wildstorm this time, doing an awesome (after 1 issue) story line about a semi-gov't sponsored hero busting group.

Been reading a lot of hype for this and it's supposed to rival his Preacher work.  If it comes half way close to Preacher, it's gonna be an awesome story.  Picked up #1 last week and it's a great intro.  The main, Butcher, starts to gather his team and the first recruit is revealed to be Wee Hughie (who Robertson (artist) modeled after Simon Pegg - Shawn of the Dead, Spaced, Dr Who)).

Check it out for a what I'm sure is going to be a different take on the tights and fights scene.  First page says it all.

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Preacher comming to HBO? maybe [07 Aug 2006|08:46am]

the beat

sure, it reads a lot like a friend of a friend has a dog who knows a guy...
but...it would be nice.  from June, 2006

Rumors have been flying of late that PREACHER, the well-regarded comics epic by Garth Ennis and steve Dillon, is going to be an HBO mini-series. Now, over at the NYC MECH message board, there's a "my cousin's brother's barber told me this" kind of confirmation that sounds very promising:
Just talked to a friend of mine who works for a production company in Canada. He said one of his film school buddies called him up yesterday, all excited because he just landed a staff writing gig on a new 12-part HBO miniseries.

"Oh, yeah? That's great, man! What's the show?"

"It's called PREACHER."

Looks like it's official, guys.

In a later post, Beaton elaborates:
From what the guy said (and, again, this is second-hand), they're adapting the entire story, back-to-front, as a single 12-episode miniseries, the way they did it with BAND OF BROTHERS.

I really don't think it's too short. PREACHER is a pretty fast read, as is. It's certainly possible to read all nine volumes in 12 hours, especially if you throw out all the stuff they'll almost certainly cut (the minis and prequels, the flat-out silly stuff, etc.)

No idea who the show-runner will be, but Garth Ennis is apparently going to have some kind of input on the project, though the exact level of his involvement is uncertain. (Executive producer, maybe?)


Fingers and toes are crossed on this one as I think HBO would be an excellent venue for Preacher especially if done as Band of Brothers/Deadwood/The Wire and whatnot.
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worst comic ever? [01 Aug 2006|10:41am]

what is the worst comic you own?
yeah, the one you regret spending hard conjured money on?
the one, you leave off your trade list thinking people will brand you as "the unclean" becuase you have it?

mine is a "Kid N Play" comic, i have it hidden in my parent attic but cant bare to burn it. Its so bad.
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Intro Post [31 Jul 2006|04:34pm]

Name or alias: Kiffie
Location: Los Angeles
Gender: Female

Rest under cut.Collapse )
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